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Ready to camp

The Coolboxes have officially arrived at the Domaine International de Rouville!

Commonly called mini-houses or container houses, you will have access to a multitude of amenities in the great outdoors!

Contact reservit@coolbox.ca for more details on the units or reservations.

Ready to camp

Modern type coolbox with 2 queen bunk beds in a closed room, 1 sofa bed or single futon, regular type stove and refrigerator, shower and toilet.

Fittings: 26.76 m2 (288 ft2)
2 queen bunk beds in closed bedroom
Refrigerator, conventional stove, microwave
1 single sofa bed
Complete crockery and utensil set, cookware, fondue pan, coffee maker with filters and coffee, shower, toilet, sink

For any questions about ready to camp or reservations, please contact the CoolBox team:

➜ 418-902-0588 OR   reservit@coolbox.ca

2 lits queen




Single sofa bed




Fondue pan

Coffee maker, filter and coffee





From what time can I arrive on the day of my rental and what is the time for departure at the end of my stay?

You can arrive from 3 p.m. on the first day of your rental. Departure, meanwhile, must be done before 11am on the last day of your rental.

Do the CoolBoxes have an outdoor BBQ?

No, no BBQ is included with the CoolBox, but you can bring a portable BBQ from home to use outside.

Is there a picnic table on our property to eat outside?

Yes, a table will be installed outside each CoolBox.

Are the CoolBoxes air-conditioned?

Yes, each CoolBox has air conditioning.

Is the refrigerator provided in the CoolBox a regular size?

Yes, it is a full size refrigerator.

Is bedding provided in the CoolBoxes?

No, it is not provided.

Do the CoolBoxes have a space provided to light a campfire outside?

Yes, a space is provided for this purpose, but the wood is not provided. However, it will be possible to purchase it directly on the Domaine International de Rouville website.

Is it possible to know in advance the number of the CoolBox I have rented?

CoolBoxes are allocated according to availability, a bit like a hotel room, so you will know the number and location of your CoolBox when you arrive on site: a map will then be provided to you by the employee to help you get there.

Is it possible to have a guest come and spend a day on site and a night with us in the CoolBox?

Of course, to access the Domaine's site, the guest will only have to pay the "visitor" rate, that is to say $13,05 for a child or $17,40 for an adult. In order for the guest to be able to spend the night with you in the CoolBox, however, you must indicate this in advance in the reservation.

Is it possible to bring my dog in the CoolBox for the duration of the stay?

Good news ! We are pleased to confirm that the whole family can travel with your favorite four-legged companion! The additional fee for your dog to accompany you is $150 + tax per stay, regardless of the number of nights you spend in the CoolBox.

Only one CoolBox accepts the presence of animals, you will therefore have to choose the correct CoolBox when making your reservation (it is clearly identified on the reservation platform).

Please read the conditions of sale carefully for all details.

Book a stay at the Domaine International de Rouville

Activity Center

Activities and leisure

The Domaine International de Rouville Activity Center prepares a multitude of activities and leisure activities for you each season that will make your summer a memorable one!

Dozens of recurring activities take place every week in addition to all the special activities that will make your weekends fun.

Added to this rich and varied program is our Rouville Country country music festival: many country and new country artists from here and elsewhere come to our big top every summer to impress you!

One thing is certain: your summer will be wonderful at Domaine International de Rouville!