• A delicious brunch every Sunday.
  • BBQ available for groups by reservation.
  • Choice of varied and delicious menus.
  • Our chef Philippe Trempe invites you to discover the products of the region.
  • Enjoy our bistro menu in between 9’s.
  • The Recreation Service :

    Founded in 1971, the Rouville Recreation Committee provides animation on the resort. Volunteer board members carefully prepare each activity for campers of all ages. A membership card is required to participate in activities.

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  • Rates SLR

    You can register at any time, field 1621.

    Rates taxes incluses  
    Families with children under 18 years maximum 3 children per couple 92.00 $
    Additional child 11.00 $
    Couple 64.00 $
    Single person aged over 18 33.00 $
    Single person aged under 18 28.00 $
  • Sportfileds
    • 4 ball parks
    • horseshoe pitching boxes
    • petanque courts
    • Basketball and tennis courts
    • Beach volleyball
    • Playgrounds
    • Arcade


  • Shops
    • grocery store
    • fruits and vegetables market
    • butcher shop
    • Flea market
    • Ice cream parlor
    • golf cart rental or sale
    • Laundry room


  • Safety

    Our campsite is intended as a quiet family campsite where it is good to relax. To preserve the peace and harmony, a security team is available 24 hours a day, the reception desk is also open 24/7. Our paramedic Roger Desbiens is available at any time for first aid in addition to a team of 40 lifeguards to monitor water bodies.


  • Daily visitors

    Certain rules govern access to our beaches:
    Domaine de Rouville is a family site since 1960. Our mission is to provide a place for relaxation and recreation for campers and visitors. If you share our philosophy and you agree to respect the calm at the beaches, you are welcome! Families have access to the beach via the main entrance road to 1925 Rouville. For visitors, you must use the parking place on the North River and register at the entrance. Thank you!


    Per person, free for children under 5,  taxes incluses

    Daily 10.00 $
    After 4 pm until 12 am 8.00 $
    10 ticket packages 80.00 $
    10 ticket packages member of SLR 57.49 $
    Family beach pass 206.96 $
    Beach pass per person 114.98 $








  • 1 and 2 services
    Taxes incluses

    Overnight 34.49 $
    Weekend 75.69 $
    Weekend overnight 45.42 $
    Week 232.12 $
    Late departure 16.00 $
    Extra car per day 9.00 $
    Out of season (before june 10th and after  septembrer 12th)  
    Overnight 26.00 $
    Weekend 45.00 $
    Week 90.00 $
  • 3 services
    Taxes incluses

    Overnight 45.42 $
    Weekend 98.00 $
    Weekend over night  60.55 $
    Week 303.00 $
    Late departure 16.00 $
    Extra vehicule daily 9.00 $
    Off saison (before june 10th and after  septembrer 12th)  
    Overnight 32.00 $
    Weekend 52.00 $
    Week 150.00 $
  • Seasonal
    Taxes incluses

    Regular   1 348.19 $
    Deluxe   1 425.22 $
    Super deluxe   1 810.41 $
    30 amps. Regular
      2 151.68 $
    30 amps. deluxe
      2 353.40 $
    Second vehicule
      109.23 $
    Second vehicule kids   172.46 $
    Electronic cart   500.14$
      532.39 $
      398.39 $
    Transfer fee   114.98 $
    Trailers, tent trailers   111.80 $
    Shed, kitchenette   55.91 $
    Off saison  
    Night   25.00 $
    Weekend   40.00 $
    Week   95.00 $
    Full   225.00 $
  • Water Park
    rate plus daily visitors, taxes incluses


    Weekdays   6.50 $
    Weekend and holidays   9.00 $
    Weekly package per person   33.00 $
    Weekly package  per family   97.00 $
    Season pass per person   97.00 $
    Season pass per family   258.69 $
    Season pass member of SLR   70.00 $
    Season pass family member of SLR   150.00 $
  • Seasonal

    We are full for trailer sites, however, some trailers are for sale, for more information, you must come on site and meet with the owner. If you wish to be on the waiting list for the release of sites, please contact Mr. Luc Robillard at the beginning or end of the season.

  • Welcome to the Domaine de Rouville !


    The campsite Domaine de Rouville, located at the foot of Mount St-Hilaire in the Montérégie region, annually hosts more than 200,000 visitors and campers. 

    Join us this year!

    Recipient of the"Coq d'or" category Outdoor activity and leisure 2014

    As part of his evening Awards Montérégie tourist Desjardins, Tourisme Montérégie has recognized the excellence of businesses and tourist attractions in the region. The Domaine de Rouville Wins Golden Rooster in the category outdoor activity and recreation the Favorite of the night.

    Recipient of the "Coq d'or" Award and Tourisme Montérégie 2010

    The Regional Tourism Association Montérégie awarded the Domaine de Rouville with Le Coq grand prize. The Montérégie tourism recognizing the importance of our company. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce of the Richelieu Valley handed us the price Tourisme Montérégie and we named Grand Richelois at its Gala Night.

  • Since 1960...

    Since 1960, we have established a nationwide popular destination recognized for its quality and variety. Over time, we succeeded in developing a remarkable complicity and loyalty with our customers and our employees.

    Standing at the foot of the Biosphere Reserve of Mont Saint-Hilaire, our land and lakes are fed by the Hertel lake pristine waters . It is the presence of this high quality water and the beauty of the landscape between the two mountains that inspired the founder and architect Maurice Robillard.

    In 1960,  the first camp sites along with lakes and beaches were built. The expansion of the company has since increase with its popularity. At the 1967 Expo, we already had 1,000 sites. The seasonal vocation of our resort really started to concretize when in 1970, the Rouville Recreation Committee, a volunteer organization, gave life to much of the magic that lives in this place. At the 1976 Olympics the capacity increased to 1,500 sites and is now 1950. Throughout the season, we welcome and entertain more than 200,000 people.

    In 1972, we committed in the construction of a large golf complex. First a par 3 course and practice facilities are constructed. A few years later, we added three 9 hole courses with a club house. A wide variety of trees were planted, they are now mostly mature and give the golf its unique breathtaking landscape. Golf de Rouville was one of the first to focus on public golf. Our actions created a huge impact on public golf courses development across Quebec.

    Environmental friendliness is present in all our actions : Tree planting and caring, production of drinking water, lake  treatment, wastewater treatment since 1984, waste management and other residues,  integrated pest management. All in a voluntary and autonomous way.

    The estate is now managed by the family's second generation . We continue to creatively move toward the future. Amongst our projects, a partnership with the Cooperative Fédéré  allows us to use a large area of our territory for agriculture research purposes  .

    All this sustainable development and generated affluence has contributed significantly to the economic development of the area where we are proud to be a living  part of the community.


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